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July 2017 Archives

Protections for child sex abuse victims in court

In our prior posts, we have highlighted how difficult it can be for victims of sexual abuse to recall specific instances because the pain of their encounters can become too emotionally difficult. Also, the experiences of flashbacks and loss of self worth can lead to a downward spiral of self-destructive activity.

Why am I experiencing flashbacks now?

If you are wondering why you are experiencing horrific flashbacks of your childhood now, it could be a complicated explanation involving a number of factors. It could be a potential defense mechanism that locked away horrible memories of abuse or rape. It could be the lack of triggers that would have unlocked what you experienced as a child or teen.

How sexual predators can hide in plain sight

Mainstream America is trained to see child sexual predators as creepy, sinister characters that children would not normally gravitate towards; individuals with a “boogeyman” quality to them. Unfortunately, sexual predators and those who do not commonly abuse children rarely fit this description.