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Protections for child sex abuse victims in court

In our prior posts, we have highlighted how difficult it can be for victims of sexual abuse to recall specific instances because the pain of their encounters can become too emotionally difficult. Also, the experiences of flashbacks and loss of self worth can lead to a downward spiral of self-destructive activity.

Why am I experiencing flashbacks now?

If you are wondering why you are experiencing horrific flashbacks of your childhood now, it could be a complicated explanation involving a number of factors. It could be a potential defense mechanism that locked away horrible memories of abuse or rape. It could be the lack of triggers that would have unlocked what you experienced as a child or teen.

How sexual predators can hide in plain sight

Mainstream America is trained to see child sexual predators as creepy, sinister characters that children would not normally gravitate towards; individuals with a “boogeyman” quality to them. Unfortunately, sexual predators and those who do not commonly abuse children rarely fit this description.

What the recent LAPD scandal should say about abuse

Among the many duties that police officers who work for the LAPD have is protecting minors. However, there are officers who take advantage of the trust granted to them and abuse young people. Arguably the most serious charge is one where an officer manipulates a young person into a sexual relationship, knowing how impressionable and vulnerable they can be.

Why sex therapy is important for abuse survivors

In our prior post, we highlighted some of the reasons why sex abuse victims develop or maintain destructive habits, basically masking the shame or pain they hold from the attack. Because of this, therapy is key in their recovery. Sometimes it may be for alcoholism or anger issues, but invariably sex therapy is needed sex abuse survivors.

Why sex abuse victims have destructive habits

For those who have not experienced the psychological trauma that a rape can bring, it may be difficult to understand how pervasive the pain can be and how long it can persist. There are countless stories of people who go to great lengths to numb or block out the pain they feel because of their attack, as well as those who develop destructive habits because of the shame they feel because they were treated so badly.

Why a lawyer and counselor is important in sex abuse cases

The story of an 8-year-old girl who was locked in a confined space for years is a horrific story, but one of many that go untold. Not only was the young girl emaciated when authorities discovered her, the other children in the house were instructed to lie about her existence. Prosecutors believe that she was imprisoned in a filthy, urine and feces contaminated closet. The girl’s mother and her stepfather face felony charges for their actions.

Advocating for victims of child sexual abuse

It's not something that anyone likes to talk about, but it is an unfortunate problem we have in society: children being sexually abused. The victims of this horrible crime are left with mental and emotional scars that may never heal. In fact, many victims of sexual abuse bury their memories and forget them, only for that traumatic incident to well up at unexpected moments later in their lives.