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People go to see psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counselors and other licensed mental health care practitioners for help. They then trust these professionals with their most intimate feelings, problems and secrets in the hope that the therapist or whomever will be able to help them to cope with those issues.

The vast majority of licensed mental health care providers respect the trust and power their patients give them and are very careful to set and maintain the ethical and professional boundaries that make these relationships work on a healthy level.

Some, however, intentionally abuse their power or fail their clients in other important ways. Sexual contact is certainly one of examples of this, but it is not the only one. Others include: manipulating patients with shame, being disrespectful of or not listening to what patients have to say, lying or withholding information, threatening to terminate treatment or having the patient admitted to a hospital, and encouraging dependence by holding themselves out as the patient's only hope.

Sacramento, California, Attorneys for Emotional Abuse Survivors

At the Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D., our Los Angeles attorneys have been dedicated to helping victims of psychological exploitation and other mental health malpractice in the state of California since 1986. Our experience with these types of cases, combined with attorney Dr. Joseph C. George's education, background and training as a clinical psychologist, have enabled us to achieve successful solutions in many difficult therapist cases. We are confident in our ability to help you, too.

Don't wait to speak to an attorney. In California, medical malpractice claims must usually be filed within one year of the last incident. You should also know that the time limit for filing a lawsuit involving a therapist or mental health professional who worked for the government can be much shorter.

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If you have been abused by a mental health care provider, know that it wasn't your fault and that today you have the power to do something about it and reclaim your own life. You can be as involved or uninvolved in the legal process as you want; you can even choose to remain anonymous during litigation, should a trial be necessary.

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