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Medical practitioners hold a strong position of trust in our society. Patients in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics are often at their most vulnerable when they seek medical care. They put their health and safety into the hands of health care professionals. Most doctors, nurses and other health care providers are caring, honest people who have devoted their lives to treating and caring for people who are sick or even dying.

Unfortunately, however, some take advantage of their position of trust in the worst way imaginable — to meet their sexual needs, sometimes without the immediate knowledge of their victims.

Victims of such sexual abuse are likely to experience emotional and psychological damage, including low sense of self-worth, which could leave them incapable of having trust and prevent them from leading full personal and professional lives as a result.

Sacramento Lawyers, Advocating on Behalf of Patient Sex Abuse Victims

At the Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D., our Sacramento and Los Angeles lawyers have been successfully representing victims of doctor sexual abuse since 1986. We will provide the experienced help and understanding necessary to expose abuse, seek justice and recover compensation for damages suffered at the hands of health care professionals.

Timing may be critical in these cases because some doctors are employed by government-run hospitals or clinics. This means that you may have as little as six months to give notice of your intent to file a lawsuit. Even if this time has expired, we may be able to help seek the justice to which you are entitled, and expose the abuse to prevent harm to future potential victims.

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We offer a safe, supportive place to which you can turn. Our Los Angeles and Sacramento attorneys are committed to helping victims of patient sex abuse reclaim their lives. To schedule a private consultation, call our toll free California number (888-463-5570) at any time, day or night — or contact us online.