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Church-related sexual abuse is not limited to incidents involving members of the clergy. In fact, in the eyes of many churchgoers, deacons, elders and other church officials are also seen as having spiritual authority and being worthy of trust. Unfortunately, these individuals are just as capable and just as likely to betray that trust as any priest or minister.

For victims, most of whom were children when the abuse took place, the consequences are essentially the same: a lifetime of shame, trust issues, failed relationships, self-abuse and self-destructiveness, just to name a few. Often, decades may go by before the victim remembers what happened or makes the connection between the abuse that happened then and the problems they continually seem to be having in their own lives today.

At the Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D. we have been obtaining justice and compensation for survivors of childhood sexual abuse since 1986. Our success is due in part to our experience and limited focus on these cases, but also to the psychologist's education, training and work history that attorney Dr. Joseph C. George, brings to our practice. In many cases, in fact, his understanding of the emotional and psychological injuries associated with childhood sexual abuse has made all the difference in our efforts to obtain maximum compensation

Clergy members have been mandated reporters in California since 1997. Clergy members who know or have reason to suspect that someone in their church is sexually abusing a child or that any child has been sexually abused must report those suspicions to the proper authorities.

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If you were sexually abused by a church member or believe that this may have happened to your son or daughter, blaming yourself is not the answer. Neither is keeping quiet and remaining isolated from the world around you. Acknowledging the abuse and confronting those who harmed you is.

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