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The Catholic Church's historical pattern of choosing to protect its own clergy and institutions instead of its parishioners is undeniable.

Year after year, new stories about old crimes are brought to light and reported by the media. Year after year, new survivors step forward and seek justice. Year after year after year, new scandals and cover-ups add to the mountain of evidence that shows the Catholic Church learns its lessons only slowly, if at all.

Sexual abuse by priests, nuns and other church officials is especially damaging because of the impact it tends to have on the victim's spiritual foundations. Here, the hierarchical nature of the priest-parishioner relationship also makes it difficult for victims to even question whether the abuse is wrong, let alone come forward to denounce it. Many survivors simply choose to remain silent rather than disturb their own faith.

The real blame for the prevalence of sexual abuse within Catholic dioceses, churches and schools lies with no one other than the church itself. Instead of dealing with suspected abuse directly, the church typically favors strategies such as moving clergy members from diocese to diocese, sending clergy members to church treatment facilities, or simply using its financial might to squash or quietly settle individual claims.

At the Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D. we have been dedicated to helping survivors of Catholic clergy sexual abuse since 1986. Our success is due in part to our experience and limited focus on these cases but also to the psychologist's education, training and work history that attorney Dr. Joseph C. George brings to our practice. In many cases, in fact, his understanding of the emotional and psychological injuries associated with childhood sexual abuse has been crucial to maximizing the compensation our clients receive.

In a 2005 case involving 33 individual plaintiffs, attorney Dr. Joseph C. George, was able to obtain a $35 million dollar settlement from the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento.

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If you were sexually abused by a member of the clergy, know that it wasn't your fault and that it was not "God's will." You can be as involved in the legal process as you want; you can even choose to remain anonymous during litigation, should a trial be necessary.

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