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What can you expect from our lawyers as a client?

In a few short words: experience, honesty, understanding and a tenacious commitment to protecting your rights.

Our practice focuses on cases involving sexual abuse and/or mental health malpractice here in California, but we can and have represented clients in other states as well. The relatively small size of our firm, the limited focus we have on these two types of cases, and our founding attorney's experience and training as a clinical psychologist — all enable us to serve our clients better both as fellow human beings and as their legal advocates.

Our most well-known case was a highly-publicized lawsuit involving sexual abuse by priests working for the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento. In 2005, with the assistance of co-counsel Jeff Anderson and Larry Drivon — attorney Dr. Joseph C. George, was able to obtain a $35 million dollar settlement on behalf of 33 plaintiffs who had suffered serious emotional and psychological injuries because of the abuse. This came after three years of intense case preparation, during which Dr. George refused to give up even when continuing meant taking on large amounts of personal debt.

The vast majority of lawsuits our firm has handled since 1986 have been nowhere near this large — but no case, not a single one, has been any less important either.

All sexual predators must be stopped and held criminally and civilly accountable, whenever possible. We also believe that every victim deserves strong, high-quality legal representation, regardless of how much his or her case is likely to be worth.

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