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September 2017 Archives

Are issues resolved a decade after the San Diego Diocese lawsuit?

Ten years ago 144 adults won a major lawsuit settlement against the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego. The church agreed to pay $198.1 million dollars to the victims, who were sexually abused as children by priests. Today, abuse survivors continue to heal and wonder: is the Catholic Church doing enough to protect children from future abuse?

Child sexual abuse does not need to involve physical contact

Survivors of child sexual abuse must recover from emotional trauma. Emotional trauma can take much longer to heal than physical injury. While it makes sense that sexual abuse is often associated with unwanted touching, physical contact is not needed. Children can be victims of sexual abuse without ever being touched by the abuser.

The most important things child sex abuse survivors need to hear

Throughout our posts, we have highlighted the difficulties that child sex abuse survivors deal with as they grow into adulthood. Some may continue to mask the pain by abusing drugs and alcohol, and other engage in dangerous and unhealthy sexual routines.