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Signs That a Child Is Being Sexually Abused

Sexual abuse is such a shameful and terrible crime. Not only do victims have to experience the horror and indignation of being violated, they often suppress the emotional pain their emotional pain because of the social stigma assigned to sex abuse victims. Essentially, many times victims are not believed, or they are too young to know what they are experiencing is a crime.

Because of this, many abuse victims deal with their pain in the wrong way, especially if they believe that no one will believe their stories of abuse or that they are not supported by family or friends. As such, they suffer in silence and may rely on drugs, alcohol or other destructive activities to medicate themselves.

For young sex abuse victims, it is critical for parents, teachers and other authority figures to understand the signs a child or teen may exhibit, so that proper interventions can be made. This post will highlight a few things to look for.

Quickly withdrawing from or not trusting certain adults – What may be seen as petty bitterness or rebellious attitudes may be a sign that a particular adult is abusing a child.

Avoiding physical contact – A child who doesn’t want to be hugged or kissed may have been abused or is currently experiencing abuse.

Nightmares and fears of going to bed – As we alluded to earlier, child sex abuse victims often relive their nightmare when they go to sleep. Constant sleep problems may be another sign that a child is being exploited.

Dr. Joseph George is an excellent resource for parents or other caregivers seeking justice in Southern California for child sex abuse victims. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact him.