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Child Sexual Abuse Archives

CA bill focuses squarely on rights of sexually abused children

California child sexual abuse victims unquestionably have an ally in State Sen. Jim Beall (D-15th Senate District). The senator’s support for that vulnerable demographic has long been on display via multiple pieces of legislation he has authored or otherwise sponsored.

Child sexual abuse spotlighted through HBO offering “The Tale”

Any of our readers across California or elsewhere who sadly suffered from sexual abuse as a child might be powerfully affected upon viewing the recently released film “The Tale.” Although the movie – chronicling the actual director’s experiences while an adolescent – will doubtlessly be painful to watch for some people, it might also reasonably serve as a catalyst for understanding and healing.

Offshoot religious group promoted marriage with adolescent girls

We noted in our immediately preceding blog post that child sexual abuse "can seem almost fictional in its horror and cruelty." And we stressed further in our June 27 entry that shocking stories "regularly emerge to underscore the global challenge" of that scourge.

The dire urgency of unmasking pedophiles, saving child victims

Sometimes decent people -- empathetic individuals who loathe injustice and pain inflicted on innocent third parties – find it hard to fathom the true dimensions of child sexual abuse in California, nationally and across the globe.