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Child Sexual Abuse Archives

CA teacher-related child sex abuse bill poised to move forward

Today is introduction day, with California Senate Bill 1456 primed for close examination by the state’s Senate Education Committee. Its sponsor, Sen. Mike Morrell (R-Rancho Cucamonga), hopes for smooth sailing through the committee and a next-stage endorsement in the State Assembly.

April spotlights a tremendously important child-linked issue

A recent media article on the scourge of child abuse in California notes the state's expansive law addressing that malady. It underscores that abuse "involves the maltreatment, injury or exploitation of a person under 18 years old, either physically, sexually, emotionally or through neglect."

Probe exposes military as problem realm for child sexual abuse

Child-on-child sexual abuse is obviously a deeply concerning problem in any environment where it rears its head. Evidence clearly shows that such behavior occurs in virtually every realm where children gather, from schools and churches to camps and care centers.