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Whether you think of yourself as a survivor of sexual abuse or as a victim — what happened wasn't your fault. If you're a parent feeling guilty for somehow "letting" your son or daughter be abused, don't continue to beat yourself up — you didn't know; you simply trusted a person or place you had no reason not to trust.

In neither case are you alone or without a place you can turn to for help.

The Courage to Speak Out, the Power to Move Forward...

At the Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D., we focus solely on helping victims of sexual abuse and mental health malpractice, primarily in the state of California. Our Sacramento attorneys have been committed to this work since 1986. More than anything, we respect the courage our clients show in acknowledging past sexual abuse and the strength they show in reclaiming their own lives while taking action to prevent future abuse.

Statute of Limitations: California generally requires victims to file child sexual abuse lawsuits before the age of 26 or within three years of the date of discovery, whichever is later. This is a complicated and technical area of law.

Los Angeles Attorney: A Unique Understanding of the Damages Suffered by Child Sex Abuse Victims

Prior to founding this law firm in 1986, Joseph C. George earned a Ph.D. in psychology and was an active duty clinical psychologist in the United States Air Force for 12 years. During that time he learned much about the psychological and emotional injuries associated with sexual abuse, and later even helped write some of the laws that apply to these cases.

Today, Dr. George's experience and training as a clinical psychologist enables us to better understand, support and represent survivors of sexual abuse. It is also a unique asset that provides our firm with the critical edge needed to maximize compensation for our clients.

Free, Confidential Case Evaluation of Potential Psychological Injury by a California Lawyer Who Is Also a Clinical Psychologist

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Talk to us about your own personal experience and the potential legal claims you may have. Or, tell us about sexual abuse that you suspect has happened or is happening to someone else. Either way, we'll listen and do what we can to help. Call our toll free California number (888-463-5570) at any time, day or night — or contact us online and one of our Los Angeles child sexual abuse victim lawyers will call or send you a reply shortly.

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