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Calls growing for California AG to open church sex abuse probe

“The truth needs to be told and the sooner the better.”

Those sentiments were uttered recently by U.S. Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (D-CA 11th District), and they are clearly endorsed by legions of individuals and families clamoring for greater transparency in the child sexual abuse scandal roiling the Catholic Church.

Defamation lawsuits: A tool for sex abuse survivors?

Adults who survived childhood sexual abuse understand firsthand the lengths that perpetrators and enablers will go to silence young victims. Many survivors feel that they have no recourse for their abuse, but this is far from true. As more and more people come forward publicly with their stories of sexual abuse, they are also taking measures to hold their assailants and the institutions that protected them accountable for their actions.

Civil lawsuits are one tool that survivors have used, since it can be difficult to pursue criminal charges for childhood sexual abuse. One woman who experienced abuse in the Catholic Church has sued the church for defamation—one of the first lawsuits of its kind.

Coaches’ alleged abuse cited in California civil lawsuits

A pair of civil lawsuits filed last week in Orange County Superior Court underscore two sad realities that recurrently feature in child sexual abuse cases.

The filings immediately emphasize the dire repercussions that can ensue for adolescents who understandably place their trust in adult authority figures who abuse it for criminal purposes.

3 untold truths about “stranger danger”

“Stranger danger” is a simple, catchy phrase that parents have used for years to warn children about unsafe adults. The phrase is easy for kids to remember. It even rhymes, however, “stranger danger” is a general statement and may not be interpreted correctly by children. Moreover, the idea behind the phrase accompanies several myths. Parents should understand three untold truths about this phrase.

1. Strangers are not always dangerous.

Catholic Church struggles in response to sex-abuse scandal, Part 2

It landed “like an atom bomb,” stated a national news report from late last week.

Its findings instantly destroyed “the trust between the [Catholic] church’s hierarchy and the people in the pews,” stated one prominent religious scholar.

Sex abuse scandal termed "moral catastrophe" roils Catholic Church

Bad is bad, but this is now flatly unprecedented as far as the "awful news" category goes for the Catholic Church.

We suspect that most of our readers in California and elsewhere have likely noted by now at least the material gist of events reported across the globe last week. They concern what voluminous research findings term as hundreds of "predator priests" who freely preyed upon young church victims for decades.

Focus on school's enabling in juvenile's sexual abuse case

There's not just one notable point that strongly emerged from the evidence offered at a recently concluded child sexual abuse trial involving the San Diego Unified School District.

Sadly, there are several, and they mirror the realities that recurrently feature in such cases in California and across the country.

Underscored reality with child sexual abuse: sadly posited trust

We have stressed in prior select blog posts at the Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D., an especially pernicious evil surrounding child sexual abuse in California and everywhere else across the globe.

That is the sad reality of adults commanding positions of power and respect who make a mockery of the trust posited in them by vulnerable children, as well as their parents and other caregivers.

Horrific child abuse case spotlights LA County accountability

It didn’t take jurors long to reach a result.

In fact, they made an unquestionably resolute determination rather quickly last week in a high-profile child sex abuse case focused on an El Monte residence.

Warning signs of child sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is more common than you may think. It is estimated that one in 10 children have been sexually abused before age 18. Children are often told by perpetrators that abuse should be kept a secret. Children may feel ashamed and scared following an incident. Therefore, it is important to keep communication open and have honest conversations with children about body safety. Even so, some parents may never know if their child was hurt.

Parents can benefit from knowing the warning signs of sexual abuse. Physical signs of trauma are easier to catch, however, changes in behavior are more subtle warning signs of abuse.