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CA teacher-related child sex abuse bill poised to move forward

Today is introduction day, with California Senate Bill 1456 primed for close examination by the state’s Senate Education Committee. Its sponsor, Sen. Mike Morrell (R-Rancho Cucamonga), hopes for smooth sailing through the committee and a next-stage endorsement in the State Assembly.

One commentator on the legislation notes its intent to spotlight and defeat the “practice of passing the trash.” Put into context, that means the common outcome of California school districts not delving deeply into the histories of teachers with alleged instances of child sexual abuse in their backgrounds that didn’t result in criminal convictions. Many such educators who have left positions have been easily able to secure employment elsewhere.

April spotlights a tremendously important child-linked issue

A recent media article on the scourge of child abuse in California notes the state's expansive law addressing that malady. It underscores that abuse "involves the maltreatment, injury or exploitation of a person under 18 years old, either physically, sexually, emotionally or through neglect."

There is no question that the legislative thrust of that edict is both serious and comprehensive. The abuse of the state's youngest and most vulnerable demographic is a sorely pressing and sad topic. Children need to be protected, and no resources should be spared in promoting that cherished objective.

The effects of child sexual abuse for adults

Experiencing trauma as a minor, such as sexual assault, can impact an adult in many ways. Adults must grapple with deep emotional and psychological injuries that surface as feelings or reactions that they do not understand. Someone dealing with childhood sexual abuse may find comfort in knowing that others experience similar long-lasting effects.

Low self-esteem

Potentially historic prison sentence awaits CA child sex abuser

Negative news is often distressing to hear, and that is underscored in every instance where details surrounding child sexual abuse surface.

And yet, while the subject matter is at once dramatic, explosive and tremendously sad, acknowledging with candor that the sexual abuse of children occurs often in California and nationally is a flat imperative. It is necessary to fully spotlight the scourge and better ensure that every effort is made to eradicate it.

Abused trust again on display in CA child sexual abuse case

Will more voices yet be heard in a now spotlighted case of recurrent child sexual abuse being reported in a Northern California community?

The legal team at the Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D. thinks it is likely. A fact pattern of repeat molestation frequently emerges in cases where an adult authority figure working with children uses his position to abuse children rather than empower them.

Probe exposes military as problem realm for child sexual abuse

Child-on-child sexual abuse is obviously a deeply concerning problem in any environment where it rears its head. Evidence clearly shows that such behavior occurs in virtually every realm where children gather, from schools and churches to camps and care centers.

And on U.S. military installations, where a recent in-depth investigation concludes that the sons and daughters of American servicemembers are sexually assaulted or otherwise abused in alarmingly high numbers.

CA officials on mandatory reporting: err on side of disclosure

There's nothing but upside for all parties involved when California individuals legally tasked with reporting child sexual abuse disclose their suspicions to authorities even when they aren't sure of their validity.

So says one commentator in a recent article discussing California's mandatory reporting requirements imposed on a core group of adults who work with or around children. He notes that even targeted individuals who end up being exonerated benefit from a report to police from a principal, doctor or other individual with a reporting duty. If they are innocent of wrongdoing, lingering suspicions are erased.

Protecting our kids: Choosing the right caregiver

Parents have a lot to juggle, including work, making meals, getting the kids to school and making ends meet. Parents are often grateful when a nanny, friend or family member extends a helping hand. Although life can be hectic, parents should ensure they choose a safe babysitter or nanny for their kids.

It is important to evaluate caregivers carefully because child sexual abuse is not uncommon. In fact, 90 percent of child sexual abuse victims know their abuser. People who molest children may sound like monsters, but they look just like anyone else. Consider these tips for keeping your children safe.

Brave new world for families with kids in organized sports

It's not "that good, old neighborhood team" anymore, filled with local kids, families that know each other and parents who often work closely with coaches.

So says one academic who focuses closely on American youth sports and child development. Professor Emmett Gill states that the comfortable bonds of such neighborly units have been largely supplanted these days by "a bunch of strangers on teams with the best athletes, with the purpose of winning."