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Focus on the work of global initiative Operation Predator

The numbers are staggering and unfathomably sad.

They relate to outcomes relevant to children across the world achieved through the efforts of global investigatory task forces aimed at identifying and arresting child predators.

Key settlement reached in Catholic Church child sex abuse case

Here is a central point about compilations like Top-10 lists: they’re not something an entrant routinely wants to be on.

Take this one, for example: largest-ever settlement reached by a religious organization in a child sexual abuse case.

Children with disabilities are more at-risk for sexual abuse

According to numerous research studies, kids with disabilities are three times more likely to experience sexual abuse. Children with mental health and intellectual disabilities have an even higher likelihood to become victims. People with disabilities often require special care and attention, so how is it that these kids are so much more vulnerable to abuse?

Opportunities and independence

Glaring spotlight hovers over child sexual abuse in military

How serious is the problem of child sexual abuse – specifically so-called “child-on-child” crime – at American military installations domestically and across the world?

Plenty serious, according to diverse sources centered on the problem. An investigatory team from the Associated Press has reported, for example, sexual assaults committed against children by children in close to 700 instances over the past decade on military bases and posts worldwide.

Does USC's denial of knowledge in sex abuse cases ring hollow?

Step up to the line, USC. Now it's your turn.

There is a spotlight currently bathing the University of Southern California in a harsh atmosphere, and campus officials likely want nothing more than to see it turned off.

California child sexual abuse case tears ballet community apart

As is so often the case when an adult cultivates the courage to reveal after years of painful silence one or multiple episodes of being sexually abused as an adolescent, the details are graphic and eminently sad.

And not always believed.

Priest’s decades-long abuse of 100-plus children in spotlight

He now lives quietly – though no longer anonymously – in a Minnesota town, decades removed from his 30-year-plus tenure as a Catholic priest on the American territory of Guam.

Louis Brouillard is now 96 years old.

Landmark day in legal proceedings re Catholic Church sex scandal

Many close followers of just-transpired legal events in Australia deem what happened earlier this week in a Melbourne courtroom as nearly unimaginable and hugely welcome.

One commentator speaking for an advocacy group on behalf of child sexual abuse victims across the globe termed a judge’s decision as “a turning point in the global abuse crisis in the Catholic Church.”

5 reasons child sexual abuse victims are empowered to speak up

Suffering from sexual abuse as a child is devastating on multiple levels. Victims often feel shame and guilt about what happened—which can make them fearful about coming forward.

However, if you were sexually abused as a child—no matter how old you are now—you still have the right to seek justice. The law and the current social climate support abuse victims now more than ever. Here are five reasons to ease your concerns about coming forward:

Hollywood law which protects children has been largely ignored

A law passed five years ago in California to protect child actors and performers from sexual abuse. The law requires certain members of the entertainment industry to obtain Child Performer Services Permits before working with minors. In an industry known for issues with sexual predators, Hollywood professionals have not been abiding by the rules.

Workers must get fingerprinted and pass a background check before they can obtain a permit. The law is meant to keep people with histories of abuse away from children in the entertainment industry. According to AB 1660, registered sex offenders are prohibited from working with artists or performers under age 18 in California.