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Court pressure on noncompliant church in sex abuse matter increases

A "recalcitrant litigant."

That is how a California appeals court judge terms the response offered up by the Jehovah's Witness church to a judicial demand to turn over internal organizational documents in a child sex abuse matter.

Time Magazine's Person of the Year: the nominee might surprise you

Unlawful sexual activity carried out by individuals -- often powerful players in their various industries -- who have long felt sheltered against public disclosures and liability has unquestionably come under a strong spotlight in recent years.

We reference that welcome scrutiny in a recent blog post at the victims' advocacy Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D. And we note in our December 4 entry that, notwithstanding the sudden upsurge in victims coming forward to courageously identify perpetrators and seek justice, "sexual assault has always been an issue" in California and across the country.

How parents can help keep their kids safe from assault

With the recent media focus on sexual assault, it may feel like sexual assault is getting worse. The truth is that it has always been an issue in the entertainment industry, in schools, in the church and communities throughout California.

Perpetrators are already close to their victims more often than not. It is estimated that 90 percent of child sexual abuse cases are perpetrated by someone the child already knows. If a child does experience sexual assault, there are legal steps that parents can take. However, parents should know that there are some measures they can take now to help keep their children safe from assault.

Sex abuse problem noted: special prosecutorial team formed in LA

One former Los Angeles prosecutor says that, while it is "a good idea," people "shouldn't get their expectations up."

What that commentator is addressing is the recent announcement that Los Angeles County will establish a special task force of government attorneys to examine entertainment industry-based allegations of sexual assault and related crimes.

Lots of focal -- and concerning -- points in this sex-offender story

Although sex offenders targeting children have unique characteristics and tailored strategies, of course, their personal stories often merge in material ways, too.

News reports that have recently emerged concerning one California predator readily bear that out.

Like dominoes falling: chronicles of sexual abuse continue unabated

Some apologies ring hollow.

We are "very sorry that any athlete has been harmed during her or his gymnastics career," noted USA Gymnastics recently in a statement addressing sexual abuse allegations against employees of that entity in the past.

Sexual abuse victims can suffer psychological exploitation, too

Trust and power.

We centrally note those linked terms on a page of our victims' rights website devoted to child sexual abuse victims at the California Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D.

Child sexual abuse survivors push for change in Hollywood

The "toxic culture" of Hollywood has come under recent scrutiny as adult survivors of child sexual misconduct come forward. The issue of child sexual abuse in the entertainment industry was pushed into the spotlight after allegations surfaced against Harvey Weinstein. As discussed in our previous blog, a growing band of victims are releasing their stories of child sexual misconduct against the movie mogul.

The bravery of these survivors has ignited a sudden awareness in the public. Child sexual abuse in Hollywood has been on the front page of major news outlets for weeks now. An increasing number of adult actresses and actors are coming forward to discuss their own experiences. How will their efforts affect Hollywood culture and standards for child actors?

Can such a sex abuse defense used against kids even be serious?

Rational adults from San Diego to Sacramento can be thankful that California is identified as one of the few "other states" cited in a recent article focused on child sexual abuse.

Those states -- eight of which are listed in the media piece -- flat-out reject the notion that any child is mature enough to make any judgment whatsoever regarding sexual contact with another person.

Will more people now listen to child star Corey Feldman's story?

A recent national news report refers to its subject matter as "Hollywood's other dark secret."

We would ask readers to try to temporarily put themselves in the shoes of Corey Feldman, ex-child actor and current musician. Feldman has for decades now been somewhat akin to a voice out of the wilderness lamenting a sordid reality that he personally knows and that virtually the rest of the world largely professes ignorance about.