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It may take decades before a survivor of child sex abuse is able to acknowledge what happened or even remember that it did. In the life that happened in between, shame, anger and other powerful emotions most likely made it very difficult for him or her to maintain personal relationships or refrain from self-destructive behavior. Making this connection is where many victims begin the process of reclaiming their own lives.

At the Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D., in Sacramento and Los Angeles, California, our attorneys help survivors of child sexual abuse confront their abusers and also the organizations or individuals who enabled or could have put a stop to it. Our law firm has been dedicated to this work since 1986. We have handled cases statewide and in other states as well. We are here to listen and provide the help you need, too. We can also provide referrals to therapists in your area whom we have worked with in our practice.

Dr. Joseph C. George holds both a law degree and a Ph.D. in psychology. His training, background and unique understanding of the emotional and psychological injuries caused by sexual abuse provide the critical edge we need to maximize compensation for our clients today.

Sacramento, California, Attorneys, Providing the Power to Change the Quality of Life for Child Incest Victims and Sex Abuse Survivors

Filing a lawsuit won't change the past but it can change your future for the better and improve your quality of life. It can also bring about positive changes in society that will help to prevent other children from being abused in the future.

  • Speaking out can stop an abuser from continuing to create new victims.
  • Holding employers accountable for the acts of their employees encourages them to scrutinize job applicants more closely.
  • Seeking justice from individuals or institutions that should have reported suspected abuse but didn't reinforces the mandatory duty to report for others.
  • Pursuing compensation from the businesses, institutions and organizations that enabled or tried to cover up your abuser's crimes encourages internal change and sends a strong message to others.

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We are a safe, supportive place to turn to, and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to help you reclaim power over your own life. To schedule a private consultation, call our toll free California number (888-463-5570) at any time, day or night — or contact our Los Angeles and Sacramento, California, child incest victims lawyers online.