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California Child Sex Abuse Victim Lawyers

Mandatory reporting laws for child abuse are intended to protect children, to prevent further abuse and to provide help and other resources where they are needed. Unfortunately, as seen in a shockingly high number of child sex abuse cases, suspected child abuse does not always get reported even by those who are legally obligated to do so.

Fortunately, other laws allow victims of childhood sex abuse to sue mandatory reporters for failing to report suspected abuse when they should have.

At the Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D. we help victims of childhood sexual abuse find justice and obtain compensation from predators, employers, institutions and those who could have put a stop to the abuse much sooner had they simply obeyed the law. What we can offer you is a high degree of personal attention, responsive service, diligence, respect for your privacy and dignity, and the experience of a law firm that has been focused on these types of cases since 1986.

Who Must Report?

A partial list of individuals with a mandatory duty to report suspected child abuse in California includes:

  • Teachers, teacher's aides and assistants
  • Most other public and private school employees
  • Social workers and public assistance workers
  • Custodians, guardians and foster parents
  • Law enforcement officers and firefighters
  • Day care administrators and employees
  • Employees of group homes and residential care facilities
  • Licensed health care service providers (doctors, psychologists, nurses, etc.)
  • Priests, ministers and other members of the clergy

In addition to nearly 25 years of experience as an attorney, Dr. Joseph C. George also holds a Ph.D. in psychology and more than a decade of professional experience in the field. Today, these assets enable us to better understand and support our clients while providing the critical edge needed to their maximize compensation.

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