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Injury Claims and Time Limitation Issues

Even though the law recognizes and in some ways respects how difficult it is for survivors to come forward — it also imposes time limits for filing lawsuits related to sexual abuse or mental health malpractice.

Sexual Abuse Claims

In California, survivors of childhood sexual abuse must file a lawsuit before their 26th birthday or within three years of the date of discovery, whichever is later. (Note, however, that if the abuse took place at a public school or in some other type of government-run facility, time limits may be as short as six months from discovery.)

Mental Health Malpractice Claims

Mental health malpractice claims must usually be filed within one year of the discovery of the injury. However, the time limits for filing a mental health malpractice lawsuit involving government employees or government-run facilities can be much shorter.

Statutes of limitation often contain exceptions, as well as exceptions to those exceptions. In short: it's complicated, and you should not assume that you have any time to waste before contacting a lawyer about your potential claims.

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