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The Mental Conditions Sex Abuse Victims May Deal With

In our last post, we highlighted the signs that parents and caregivers should look out for that signal that a child could be victim of sexual abuse. Indeed, these outward signs may not always be easy to detect, but they are important nonetheless. For those children who have experienced abuse, they run the risk of developing serious emotional difficulties that can affect their performance in school and compromise social skills.

Left untreated, child sex abuse victims may have difficulty having (and preserving) healthy relationships and may develop mental health issues. This post will highlight a few of the issues sex abuse victims could experience.

Anxiety – Sex abuse victims may develop intractable fears of people or situations that bring back memories of their abuse. This may also spill into fear of future sexual intimacy and intimate relationships.

Depression – They may also withdraw from people who love them and experience extreme levels of sadness for prolonged periods of time. They may also consider taking their own lives because they guilt and shame can be so debilitating.

Anger – While anger and resentment towards the abuser (or those who knew about it ) is normal, abuse victims may become so enraged that it prevents the healing process that is so important in stopping abuse cycles.

Because of these potential damaging mental conditions, it is critical that child sex abuse victims get the proper help so that they can move past such traumatic experiences in a healthy manner. If you have questions about how an attorney who helps abuse victims can help you, we invite you to contact us.