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Hollywood law which protects children has been largely ignored

A law passed five years ago in California to protect child actors and performers from sexual abuse. The law requires certain members of the entertainment industry to obtain Child Performer Services Permits before working with minors. In an industry known for issues with sexual predators, Hollywood professionals have not been abiding by the rules.

The effects of child sexual abuse for adults

Experiencing trauma as a minor, such as sexual assault, can impact an adult in many ways. Adults must grapple with deep emotional and psychological injuries that surface as feelings or reactions that they do not understand. Someone dealing with childhood sexual abuse may find comfort in knowing that others experience similar long-lasting effects.

Protecting our kids: Choosing the right caregiver

Parents have a lot to juggle, including work, making meals, getting the kids to school and making ends meet. Parents are often grateful when a nanny, friend or family member extends a helping hand. Although life can be hectic, parents should ensure they choose a safe babysitter or nanny for their kids.

Larry Nassar’s criminal sentence is one aspect of accountability

Long-time USA Gymnastics team doctor, Larry Nassar, was recently sentenced to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing young patients for two decades. However, a criminal sentence is just the beginning of the fallout from Larry Nassar’s abuse.

Clergy abuse survivors see parallels with Hollywood scandals

Child sexual abuse survivors must deal with years of personal healing. Victims may have flashbacks to their own past experiences when stories of sexual misconduct by powerful industry figures surface in the news. As so many allegations occur in Hollywood, adult victims of clergy member sexual abuse see strong parallels.

Child sexual abuse survivors push for change in Hollywood

The "toxic culture" of Hollywood has come under recent scrutiny as adult survivors of child sexual misconduct come forward. The issue of child sexual abuse in the entertainment industry was pushed into the spotlight after allegations surfaced against Harvey Weinstein. As discussed in our previous blog, a growing band of victims are releasing their stories of child sexual misconduct against the movie mogul.